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Start in your home at your own pace before you try piano lessons.  Easy and Fun. The Kids love it!  Click on Free Sample and start playing today.  We guarantee it!  Soon your child will play:

Mary Had a Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle, Hot Cross Buns,
Yankee Doodle, Old MacDonald, America and many more.


Q: Can I really teach my child if I don't play the piano well?

A: Yes! Of course it helps if you know something about piano or reading music. A good ear for music is very important. Just as many parents homeschool their children with a good curriculum, you can use PHONICS 4 PIANO to teach your child. It is user-friendly because only one concept is introduced at a time. We are piano teachers ourselves and do recommend that you find a piano teacher if your child shows an interest in continuing piano lessons.

Q: Is there a teaching manual or instructions to help me teach my child?

A: In each book there is a letter to parents and teachers with general guidelines for teaching that particular book. This will help you know where the hard spots might be and encourage you to celebrate accomplishments. We have tried to write down all the important things we tell our students when teaching each concept or song--right there on each page.  Just read or explain everything on each page to your child.  Each concept is taught one-at-a-time so it should make sense to you. The good news is music is logical.

Q: My three-year-old just loves music and is pushing down keys on the piano. Should he start PHONICS 4 PIANO now?

A: No, buy him some sticks, a tambourine, or maracas and march around the room with him to teach rhythm; take him to Kindermusic or children's choir; play CDs of classical music and children's songs to enhance his love for music and make him familiar with the songs in PHONICS 4 PIANO when he does start. Bookmark our site and check back with us in a year or two.

Q: We don't have a piano. Is a keyboard all right for my child to start?

A: Yes, especially if your child is very young. Keyboards can be really fun. Just be sure you purchase one that has full-sized keys, has touch response and can add a pedal. You will need these features! You should be able to get such a keyboard for about $150. You should know that almost all pianists prefer the feel of an acoustic (real) piano. So whenever your child's playing deserves one-for an older child, probably a maximum of one year-you will want to purchase an acoustic piano. A used piano can be quite reasonable and if properly maintained will offer years of enjoyment. You may be surprised at the boost it will give your child's playing.

Keep the keyboard, however. It will be great to take to grandma's or the beach, use in the van with batteries, practice with earphones when someone's sleeping or both children want to practice at the same time, or play in the park for a wedding.

Q: Should I sit with my child when he is practicing?

A: Most children will enjoy your attention to their music. Of course, you must offer encouragement with your presence. No one wants to be annoyed, so your correction should be done with good voice inflection and preceded by praise for something done well. ("I just love the way you held that half note 2 beats!") Our experience is that children whose parents participate in their practice do better. It will be essential for small children, but even older children need for you to assist in the instruction and then be listening from other room for correct rhythm and notes. You need to watch for correct fingering and keeping eyes on the page rather than hands also. A keyboard stuck off in a child's room for practice whenever he decides is likely to be used less often and finally not at all. A piano in the family room to play for everyone who comes over can result in encouragement from many sources and some great music fun.

Q: Are there any theory pages in PHONICS 4 PIANO?

A: Yes, the theory is mixed right in with the songs. The advantage is that you don't have to flip back and forth between books to coordinate the theory. The student gets a new book more often and feels good about his progress. For siblings, get a piece of plastic to place over the theory page for the older child to write on with a marker so the younger child can write in the book.

Q: How long does the average student take to complete the PHONICS 4 PIANO series?

A: Every child is different, of course, but the average would be about 2 years. Older, very musical children may complete the series in a year or less. Very young children may take as long as three years.

Q: My child is taking piano lessons but is kind of bogged down. She doesn't like to practice. Will PHONICS 4 PIANO make a difference?

A: We can't promise that our series will make her practice, but if she loves music, you should try. If she can read the lines and spaces, the problem may be that she has been introduced to too much too quickly and not been given the opportunity to enjoy songs she loves. You will have to be the judge of where she is in her progress. Test her to see if she knows the alphabet names of the piano keys, then the names of the notes on lines and spaces. If so, consider purchasing FUN, PALS, and ONE ACCORD. Her reaction to these books will help you determine whether she wants to play the piano. (Remember: As a general rule, we enjoy what we do well. We are frustrated when we try to do something over and over and it is too difficult.)

Q: What will my child do after he completes PHONICS 4 PIANO?

A: A child who has completed the series will be ready for Level 2 in any other method of your choice.  We are working on level 2 and hope to have it completed soon.

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See what others say about PHONICS 4 PIANO!