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See what others say about PHONICS 4 PIANO!

Emily (age 4) is so excited to finally be playing the piano. Her older brother and sister have completed Pianimals and are playing quite well. She is very motivated to play, and Pianimals makes it possible." Anja M.

Arjun (l) and Ashwin (r) (twins, age 6) are learning to read music. They love the songs and really enjoy learning piano together." Latha B.

PIANIMALS is a wonderful series for learning piano. Brent, (age 6) and Mary, (age 9) have been playing for a year and are in Books F and G. They love playing their music. Our biggest problem is that we don't have two pianos." Leanne M.

I have truly enjoyed teaching Riley (age 5) even though I don't play the piano myself. The books teach only one thing at a time, making it easy for us both. We can't keep her away from the keyboard." Betty G.

As a school teacher myself, I examined this series carefully before using it. I have been extremely pleased. The girls just love the music because they know so many of the songs. Hannah (age 8) has finished the series and is thriving on Level 2, and now I am using the books to teach Kathryn (age 5). I even bought it for nieces and nephews." Valerie K.

Several friends of mine recommended PIANIMALS as a great way to learn piano. They were right! Robert (age 6) and Bailey (age 8) have enjoyed piano a lot this year. They play without being reminded and enjoy checking off the practice boxes at the bottom of each page." Becky C.

I wasn't enjoying piano very much because it was kind of boring. Then my teacher gave me the PIANIMALS FUN book. I liked it because I know a lot of the songs. Now I am playing chords and piano is really fun!" Sarah G. (age 10)

Rikhil (age 8) is learning to read music and is eager to play well like his sister." Mr. Todd

Reading music is fun! I love to play the piano. Nicholas (age 4) wants to play soon too. Kaitlyn P. (age 7)

Parents say………….

"My daughter is having such a good time learning to play. I can't get her to do anything else." Stephanie Smith, Saratoga Springs UT

"I have been very pleased with the results of using your Pianimals program with my two homeschooled daughters. Music used to be one of their least favorite subjects -- so dreaded that we only had it once a week to fulfill only basic requirements rather than enjoyment of the subject. But now they want music lessons every day! They even self-instruct ahead of me sometimes, so that I've had to set a limit to the pages that they can bounce ahead of me. They are anxious to play for family and friends. The turn-around is just unbelievable. So I would like to order the rest of the series. :) " MJ Daggerhart

"We are LOVING the pianimals....my son is picking it RIGHT up! :) " Penny D.

"Thank you for the wonderful Pianimals program! My 3 three children ages 4, 6 and 8 love it and are waiting in line to use the piano. My 4-year-old is practically teaching herself with your series. I will definitely recommend the series to others." Cynthia Rose, OH