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Welcome Teachers 

Phonics 4 Piano has proven to
assist teachers by

 Increasing Enrollment.  It allows you to accept younger Students, helps toprevent dropouts and both student
and teacher enjoy lessons morel



1.  Young students: We do NOT teach the music staff first.  This has 2 advantages …children who know their finger numbers and learn where to place them on the keys can almost immediately play familiar songs.  The second is that children are not overwhelmed since only one concept is presented at a time.  Developing the feel of the keys,  gaining confidence to keep their eyes on the page and playing with the CD results in smooth playing. Click here for more details

2.  Average students: When  each new concept is presented there is enough repetoire to reinforce that concept or skill before moving to another.

3.  Learning Disabled Students: Only one concept or skill is presented at a time. This makes it possible for the LD student to accomplish the skill without being overwhelmed.

4. Low-motivated students: With over 100 familiar tunes to play, students enjoy the learning process, develop a great sense of self confidence, and practice more. They learn to read the music staff at their own pace, step-by-step, one concept at a time.

5. Gifted students: Phonics 4 Piano is a great supplement to any other traditional series since it provides music that is familiar.

We didn't start out to create our own series, we were just trying to solve our own teaching problems. Click here for more of the story....

Our commitment is to piano teachers and students, and we know from our own experience that you will be successful with our series. That is why we offer a money back guarantee on all books and materials!

Teachers receive a discount on their purchases by entering a
teacher code at the time of ordering.

Email us at
info@pianimals.com for the code.